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To view prices, click on the picture of the item you are interested in.

*All quantities and prices for individual fabrics and trims are in yards. 5 for quantity would represent 5 yards.  Quantities for all other items would be based on quantities noted in the description.  For example a quantity of "1" for an assorted lot of 10 yards would be 10 assorted yards of fabric. 2 for quantity on the same assorted lot would be 20 assorted yards.  1 for quantity on a swatch set would be one swatch set as noted in the description of the swatch set item.


We cut most of our fabrics in one continuous piece up to approximately 30 yards. Orders over 30 yards may have to be sent in 1 or more pieces. If we are unable to send an order of LESS than 30 yards in one continuous piece, we will contact you prior to processing your order to obtain information on the increments you are working with.  

*Future orders on  similar fabrics may have different color shades due to periodic dye lot changes.  Be sure to order all that you need at one time to assure you will receive the same dye lot.

Most orders ship out within 24 hrs. Monday - Friday.  Please review your order to insure you have the correct items ordered prior to finalizing it. Some orders may be processed, cut and shipped within a matter of hours or minutes. Once an order has left our warehouse no changes can be made to the order. View our shipping policy for details on delivery times to each state from California.

*If the U.S. Post Office does not deliver to your physical address, a P.O. Box # as well as your physical address will be needed. We will determine how it will ship when the order is processed. Smaller orders (typically 1-3 yards) are shipped via the U.S. Post Office and will require a P.O. Box if the post office does not deliver to your physical address.  Larger orders are shipped via UPS and will require a physical address.

*We accept all major credit cards:  DISCOVER, AMEX, VISA and MASTERCARD (VISA and MASTER debit cards accepted as well).  Gift credit cards or disposable credit cards are not accepted.  Please be sure to enter the billing address associated with the credit card you are using. You will have another field to enter in a different ship to address if needed.  The credit card code is also required and can be found on the back of the credit card for visa, master and discover cards. Often times there will be more than 3 digits. You will need to enter the last 3 digits on the back of the credit card. AMEX requires 4 digits for the card code which is usually located on the middle-right side on the front of the card.  

*Unfortunately, personal checks or e-checks are not accepted. Cashiers checks or money orders are accepted.  Please email us at  for mail- in orders.